Revitalize Yii2 Extensions: Join Us in Bringing Them Back to Life!

Dec 14, 2023Yii2 Extensions

In our YiiFramework community, we value the power of open-source and collaboration. We understand that many valuable projects have been left behind, but we aim to change that! 💡🔧

Do you have an extension that was once active but has been abandoned? It's time to breathe new life into it! We want to reactivate those extensions and bring them up to date with the latest technologies and standards.

What do we offer for revived extensions?

  • Update to PHP 8.1 minimum.
  • 100% test code coverage for enhanced reliability.
  • Mutation testing to ensure code robustness.
  • Implementation of PHPStan for higher code quality.

To request the revival of an extension, please open a ticket on our GitHub repository: extensions

Your contribution can make a difference. Join us on our GitHub repository and submit your revival request. Together, we can make these extensions shine again and be beneficial for the Yii2 community.

For inquiries or if you wish to contact us, please email us at

Your support is crucial! If you find these extensions useful or are excited about the idea of reviving them, don't forget to give us a star ⭐️ on GitHub.

Thank you for being part of this community and your commitment to open-source! 🙌

Together, let's make our Yii2 extensions amazing again! 🚀✨